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Premier Demolition Contractors In The State of Texas

Projects range in scope from 20 thousand to 5 million

M&M Contracting Ltd. is one of the premier demolition contractors in the State of Texas. Headquartered in San Antonio, we have been building a solid portfolio of completed projects not only in San Antonio, but along the Southern Region of the United States and overseas, where we demolished the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia. Our projects range in scope from 20 thousand to 5 million and include everything from interior strip out to industrial plant demolition. Although we regularly hard bid projects, most of our work is negotiated since the majority of our clients select us as their choice demolition contractor.

In addition to our multi-million dollar fleet, our rich OTB (Outside The Box) culture and experienced field personnel have established M&M as the ONLY demolition contractor in South Texas capable of handling certain projects. M&M realizes that demolition allows for plenty of creativity and we look forward to making the most of it by providing unique value engineering solutions thus enabling us to always be one step ahead of our competitors.

Each project is thoroughly analyzed and evaluated by the president, estimator and superintendent during brainstorming sessions which are held before every project often resulting in substantial cost savings. M&M’s political influence, diverse demolition experience and knowledge of all current codes and regulations are often integrated into our value engineering solutions providing the project with the intangibles that no other company can offer. When required, M&M Contracting can also provide Recycling and Site Work services, thus reducing extraneous mobilization costs as well as the scheduling and coordination complications involved with using multiple contractors.

There are many things in life to worry about but you can rest assured that when the dust settles and the debris is cleared, M&M Contracting has provided your company the best service in the business.

Premier Demolition Contractors

  • Wilford Hall Medical Center
  • GPM Building
  • Holmes High School

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